Excel のこととか楽天とか いろいろ書いてみます・・・


【Excel/VBA 05】Copy and Paste Value Macro

COUNTIF copy and pastevalue COUNTIF function can be used when calculating how many same date is exists or checking same data is no duplicated. However, this function makes your computer slow because it re-calculates every time the sheet is…

【Excel/VBA】AutoFilter, Filtering For Blanks or Not Blanks

This macro filter for blanks or non-blanks by one click. I take "Split" function just I learned and array for this macro. You will see how to get the range of the AutoFilter, and this made my macro works on any Excel books

【Excel/VBA 04】Select and Copy to The End Row LastRow/Selection)

You can select cells from the the first to the end if press Ctrl + Shift + Arrow key. However, if there is a blank cell or cells are merged, you cannot reach to the end. This macro reaches the end cell even if there are hundreds of blank c…

【Excel/VBA】Janken game 02

Making Janken Game (Rock Paper Scissors game). This would be good exercise for VBA beginners. Macros will be introduced in this article. It shouldn't be difficult. I hope this helps your study.

【Excel/VBA 03】Adjust Row Height and Column Width by One Click

You can adjust the row height or the column width by one click if you create the macros and add them to the Ribbon. Write the macro on the Personal Macro Book thus you can use them on any Excel files.

【Excel/VBA 02...Insert Row/Column By One Click】

Adding a row or a columns is just one sentence of code. Set it to the ribbon and use them anytime.