Excel のこととか楽天とか いろいろ書いてみます・・・

【English 1】


This is just my excise of English writing.

I re-wrote this article from one of my blog in Japanese [英語のこと1].

Please correct my English if you know it and found any.





I'm sometimes asked that "Can you teach English to me?"

or "What kind of study method is more efficient?". 


I will answer "Practical training is good" for the question,

although I'm not sure what I answered before.



I tell them "study English by yourself and use it to me what you learned.

What you need is the opportunity to use it in a real situation.

Whatever ever you like conversation or sentence like an e-mail.



Those won't improve their English skills

with learning grammar or doing homework

even though there teachers have excellent teaching skills.

We did that six years when we are junior high through high school students.



I believe the way won't work well after graduate.

Those must have a particular goal with enthusiasm.



So, I hope the following article makes people

who are thinking to start learning English.





I will write my average weekday.



before leave home


I wake up with the first alarm,

which I set on 4th generation iPod, ring at five-thirty.

Then I get up about twenty minutes later the first one rang.


None of my family members get up at this time. 


Go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.



Then go to the kitchen and turn on a Tifal to boil the water and set the coffee.

Take out a frozen meal from the fridge and warm it in the microwave.



Pour the boiled water into the mug for coffee.

Pack the rice and thawed meal in the lunch box.

This is for my lunch that I will eat at the office.


After that, I prepare breakfast.

Thawed deep-fried chicken, and put it on rice.


[商品価格に関しましては、リンクが作成された時点と現時点で情報が変更されている場合がございます。] [商品価格に関しましては、リンクが作成された時点と現時点で情報が変更されている場合がございます。]  

(This is taste good)


Coming back to my room and watch an English movie (about ten minutes long)

or read an English article while eating breakfast.



Bring back the dish to the kitchen and start changing clothes.


Put on the suit after shaving and

put the wallet and handkerchief in the back of the pants 




Put the lunch box and a bottle of water in the backpack.

Turn off the light and see you tonight.



at work


Buy a snack at the convenience store where the nearest train station to the office.

Fifteen min. walk to the office from here.



Arriving at the office where is on the sixth floor around eight o'clock

but work starts at nine.

Make a cup of coffee and eat snack bread little which I just bought at the store.



Go to "Yahoo USA" and read one or two paragraphs of an article.

Then visit "Yahoo Japan" to do the same thing as "Yahoo USA".

That will be about eight twenty or thirty.



I will write a draft for the blog if I still have time.

At eight-thirty, put my iPhone in my breast pocket and take nap.



I will get up when my iPhone's alarm rang two minutes before nine

and start work.





Go to the cafeteria walking down the staircase to the third floor

for eating the lunch which I packed this morning. 


Lunch break is forty-five min.

About thirty min. left when I come back to the sixth floor from the cafeteria.

Of course, I take nap.



Eat snack bread at 3 o'clock, and eat another one

when I hear chime at 17:30.


However, I have to do overtime until 8 o'clock.






Take about one hour commute.

Arrive home about nine when I left office eight.



I take a shower as soon as I got home and have dinner.

I don't eat a lot because I take 30 to 1 hour to fall asleep if I'm full.

I eat more cabbage instead of rice.



Probably, some people think it is sarcasm but that made me lose weight......

However, I want to gain more weight.

This is actually one of my problems......



I know many people want to lose weight but like me,

some people think want to gain weight.




Take about 30 min to 1-hour break and then go to the bed.

Have a nice dream.






How about my writing skill?

I'm not good at grammar things and don't have much vocabulary.


They are probably junior high students' level 



However, this is enough for casual conversation,

communication with colleagues, or people who are from partner companies.






I have worked with non-English-native

such as Korean, Chinese, or southeast Asian 

who have studied English and got their skills.


Simple English worked better than using something difficult

grammar, phrase, or vocabulary for them



This works well for native English-speakers even though it might be something childish.

We all know we can communicate with Japanese teenagers

with the Japanese language without problem.


This should happen in English too.